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Contributing Partner - Speartek

The National Association of Retail Buyers recognizes Speartek as one of our contributing partners for their support and efforts in developing the website for the association.  Speartek has been involved in the retail industry for several years, serving both retailer attendees and exhibitors through relationships developed at tradeshows and industry events.  Derek Griffin, President of Speartek, recognized the importance of NARB and how it would serve the key components of an industry that is successful when retailer buyers and vendors work together for joint success.  As a former CPA and small business owner, Derek also realized that a non-profit organization and startup venture would have limited funds for marketing and developing an online presence.  After seeing so many small businesses spend what little internet budget they have on a low quality web presence, he decided that contribution of his staff’s time and talents would be a worthwhile investment and an extension of how Speartek supports their retail and wholesale ecommerce clients, many of which are NARB members.

Speartek has been developing website solutions for 10 years.  With a concentration in ecommerce, they have built an application that meets the needs of retailers and wholesale companies to enable them to handle business transactions efficiently through ecommerce websites.  For larger companies, Speartek can integrate the website into accounting or warehouse software so that orders are automatically created, eliminating manual entry of orders.  For more information about Speartek, visit their website at or call 866.249.9212, Ext 102.

The association thanks our contributing partners
Speartek Urban Expositions


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